Online Peer Mediation Resources - Curriculum

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Active Listening Toolkit

Provides a synopsis of attending and active listening skills.

Feeling Strips

Trainers can cut out these statements and use in restating exercises.

Peer Mediation Guideline Forms

A collection of forms for student mediators including notes pages, mediation setup, agreement, and script.

Peer Mediation Pause

This handout discusses situations when a mediator would need to temporally stop a mediation.

Peer Mediation Yearly Report

Form used to summarize peer mediation activity during the school year.

From Conflict to Cooperation

First book in the series, From Conflict to Cooperation for students. This booklet covers the causes of conflict, conflict styles, and effective tools for handling conflict.

From Conflict to Cooperation 2

Second book in the series, From Conflict to Cooperation series for students. This booklet covers active listening, assertiveness, and reframing.

Mediator Mentors Peer Mediation Student Handbook

Peer mediation student handbook created by Dr. Pam Lane-Garon and Mediator Mentors from Fresno State University.

Peaceful Resolutions for Oklahoma Students

High school mediation manual created by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.

Peer Mediation Training Program

This peer mediation training curriculum was created by the Seeds of Peace program out of South Africa. This conflict curriculum, for teachers, contains 10 units for training middle school students in being peer mediators.

Resolving Conflicts Though Communication

Workbook that contains worksheets on conflict, conflict styles, communication, resolving conflicts, and role of the mediator.

School Conflict Mediation and Mediation Competition

Created by the Western Australia Dispute Resolution Association, this manual gives instruction on how to coordinate a peer mediation competition.

SCORE Mediation Coordinator’s Manual

This manual was created by the New Jersey Bar Association to train mediation coordinators in schools.

Student Mediation Training Booklet

Created by Marjon Mediation Services, this workbook can be used in teaching peer mediation skills.

Triangle Talks

Created by the Scottish Mediation Association, this manual gives guidance to mediation coordinators on how to create an effective discussion structure for peer mediators following a mediation session.

Y.A.L.E. School Mediation Manual

Peer mediation manual created by the New Jersey State Bar for use in schools.

Flipping the ABCs

Reminder to recognize and then correct invalid assumptions.

Conflict Resolution Skills Traning

Conflict Resolution Skills lessons for High School from - Washington DC

Friendly Classroom

Develop school-based programs that reduce violence.

Apology Skill Set Lesson

Sometimes, you just need a good apology!

Conflict Resolution Trainers Manual

Comprehensive guide running for highly successful Conflict Resolution sessions.