Online Peer Mediation Resources - Media

How to Launch a Peer Mediation Program and Use Online Technology

The video below is a recording of a Zoom conference with developers Cindy Morton and Kristen Woodward describing the steps to setting up a successful peer mediation program at your school site. This format is a video recording of an online video meeting platform called Zoom.

Why Rockdale County Public Schools Students Like to Practice Their Peer Mediation Skills Online

Dr. Cynthia Morton asks five Rockdale County Public Schools students why they like to practice their peer mediation skills online and why they would recommend the Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP) program to other schools.

The Future is Now: Students Using Technology to Expand Peer Mediation (Audio Clip Below)

For decades, Peer Mediation Programs have helped students all over the world resolve conflicts. The Online Peer Mediation Platform is on the cutting edge, combining technology and peer mediation, breathing new life into programs. Learn more about the project’s goals, resources and how you can get involved in this innovative opportunity!

Resources for College Peer Mediators

A short video introduction to some resources helpful to student peer mediators developing their skills and their campus programs.