Online Peer Mediation- Peace Peddlers

Peace Peddlers was established in 2016 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit peacebuilding organization devoted to increasing peace in schools and communities across America.

It's mission is to reduce the negative expression of conflict by mobilizing and deploying resources for conflict resolution training and interventions. Peace Peddlers provides peacebuilding, peacemaking, and reconciliation services to schools across America.

Project: Peace Peddlers: prevents school violence by providing conflict resolution training to students and educators. Violence is reduced when individuals possess the knowledge and skills to peacefully resolve conflict.

An Online Peacebuilding Program for Schools.
Peace is possible, but it has to be built and begins with the individual. To peacefully and effectively resolve conflict requires conflict resolution skills. While these skills are not something we are born with, they are something we can develop. This is the purpose of Project: Peace Peddlers. Our online peacebuilding program provides students and educators online conflict resolution training to build their capacities to peacefully and effectively resolve conflict.

Project: Peace Now: prevents school violence by providing mediation and conflict coaching to individuals actively engaged in conflict. Violence is reduced when individuals are able to access help managing a specific conflict or conflict in general.

An Online Peacemaking Program for Schools.
Students and educators experiencing active conflict often need help managing the conflict resolution process. Providing conflict intervention services as tensions begin to rise can help prevent conflict from turning negative. This is why Project: Peace Now exists. Our online peacemaking program provides online mediation and conflict coaching services to students and teachers to help resolve conflicts and disputes before they turn negative.

Project: Peace Restored: restores peace following negative conflict events by providing reconciliation services to individuals harmed by unmanaged conflict.

An Online Reconciliation Program for Schools.
Project: Peace Restored is an online restorative justice program that brings the offender of a wrongdoing face-to-face with the individuals they’ve harmed. Guided by an online restorative facilitator, the individuals harmed can speak their minds to the offender, and the offender can take meaningful responsibility for their actions by mediating a restitution agreement with those harmed, in order to restore their losses and create a sense of justice.

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